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Volume 2 Issue 1 available 7/4/2010
Volunteer Services
If you would like to help with one of our projects, please click the link above and register. We would love to see you there supporting your community.
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Current Projects
Feeding Many has numerous projects currently underway. Below are snap-shots of current projects.
WaterStone Community Vegetable Gardens
WaterStone Community Vegetable Gardens
Location: WaterStone Community Church 5890 S. Alkire St. Littleton, CO 801274

Interested in volunteering or Leasing a plot for the season? Contact Dr. Shirl Smith @ 303-941-0375
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WaterStone Community Orchard
WaterStone Community Orchard
A few years ago, we decided that having a community vegetable garden program was not enough to reach the greatest number of individuals in need. To help answer that call, we planted an orchard filled with various types of trees, grapes, strawberries, and (annually planted) melons. The goal is to have self-renewing source of food for those in need to gather as they need it and when they need it. Photo Gallery
Mount View Youth Services Center Vegetable Garden
Mount View Youth Services Center Vegetable Garden
Location: Mount View Youth Services Center 7862 W Mansfield Pkwy Denver, CO 80235

Participation in this garden is closed to the public. This garden is dedicated to the benefit of the Mount View youth.

For additional information regarding this program, contact Dr. Shirl Smith @ 303-941-0375
Southern Gables Church
Southern Gables Church
Feeding Many has helped lay the foundation for another community garden here in Littleton, CO. Location: 4001 S. Wadsworth Blvd. Littleton, CO 80123

For additional information on the gardens, participation and how you can help contribute to a self-sustainable movement call: 303-986-1527
Lakota Nation - Wounded Knee, SD
Lakota Nation - Wounded Knee, SD
This is a new project started outside of our normal operating area. Feeding Many will be helping bring together many contributors to help bring this project to a successful beginning.

Picture will be available soon.

For additional information regarding this project or how you can help ensure it's success, please contact Dr. Shirl Smith @ 303-941-0375.
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